Class of 1978
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Larry Jones
Classmate's ID: 101
Last Updated: 4/13/2003
Classmate's Name: Larry Jones
Sex: Male
Marriage Status: Married
Spouse: Debbie
What Address to use to Contact you: Current
Kids Section
Kid's: None () ;
What have I been doing since High School?
Education: Accounting - Central 9; Bradcasting & Announcing - Columbia School of Broadcasting
Job: Greenwood Ford Inc.
Hobbies: Camping; Fishing; Cars
Who you Keep in Touch with: Clint Metcaft, Kathy Kloss, Joyce Lasiter
Trip down Memory lane...
Remember When: It was finally over!!!
Worst thing you ever did:
Most embarrassing moment:
Favorite Songs:
What about next Reunion?
Would you like to help on Next Reunion: No Response