Class of 1978
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Lorrie J. Patton
Classmate's ID: 148
Last Updated: 4/27/2009 8:19:00 AM
Classmate's Name: Lorrie J. Patton
Sex: Female
Marriage Status: Married
Spouse: Lee Dobbins
What Address to use to Contact you: Current
Kids Section
Kid's: Julie (Step) (48) ; Jesse (Step) (45) ; Lena (36) ; Jacob (33) ; Kevin (Step son-in-law) (47) ; Kiaya (step daughter-in-law) () ; Travis (grandson) () ; Makenna (granddaughter) () ; Brock (grandson) () ;
What have I been doing since High School?
Job: worked for the phone company for 20 years before retiring to stay home with my kids.
Hobbies: camping with family and friends, traveling, walking, hiking with family
Who you Keep in Touch with: Pam Tompkins
Trip down Memory lane...
Remember When: We would sign up to go to the library during Ms. Wilson's study hall and we would leave the school and go to Just Rite and get french fries and choc. shakes. We did this everyday. OOPS we did get caught and got in trouble.
Worst thing you ever did:
Most embarrassing moment:
Favorite Songs: Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Browne
What about next Reunion?
Would you like to help on Next Reunion: No Response