Class of 1978
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Pam Swearingen
Classmate's ID: 195
Last Updated: 3/19/2008 4:32:27 PM
Classmate's Name: Pam Swearingen
Sex: Female
Marriage Status: Married
Spouse: James Oliver
What Address to use to Contact you: Current
Kids Section
Kid's: Jessica Paige (41) ; Tyler Michael (37) ;
What have I been doing since High School?
Job: Secretary Clark-Pleasant Schools
Hobbies: Baking, Antiques, Kids activities
Who you Keep in Touch with: Lori Nash Davidson, Deb Zumbrunn Birt, Joyce Lasiter Such
Trip down Memory lane...
Remember When: a BUNCH of us girls went to Brown Co. when the baseball team was there in Lori Nash's mom's station wagon! We had enough food to feed an army and drove around till we found them.
Worst thing you ever did: Probably getting someone to get a bottle of Sloe Gin and getting a Sprite from Just Rite to go with it, plus to hide it.
Most embarrassing moment: Walking down the bleachers in 'Clubs' in the gym I fell and rolled ripping the seat of my jeans then not knowing I went down the middle hall and guys talking about my blue & white underwear.
Favorite Songs: Stairway to Heaven; Anything by the Eagles or Chicago
What about next Reunion?
Would you like to help on Next Reunion: Yes