Class of 1978
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Dawn Warner
Classmate's ID: 205
Last Updated: 2/11/2008 9:49:54 AM
Classmate's Name: Dawn Warner
Sex: Female
Marriage Status: Married
Spouse: Tom Perry
What Address to use to Contact you: Current
Kids Section
Kid's: Mark (43) ; Liza (41) ; Seth (38) ; Anna (29) ; Grandson - Isaiah (22) ; Grandson - Dylan (22) ; Grandson - Dominick (21) ; Granddaughter - Zoe (19) ; Granddaughter - Isabella (17) ; Grandson - Hunter (16) ;
What have I been doing since High School?
Education: 1 year IUPUI
Job: Family Entertainer, Clown - Website:
Hobbies: Reading, Piano, Genealogy
Who you Keep in Touch with: Sherry Fickes Bussel
Trip down Memory lane...
Remember When: Spin the bottle at my 14th b-day party (ask Kent about his Deena experience there!) We had 'Top Ten' lists before Letterman! We were soooooooooooo stupid (are we smarter now???)
Worst thing you ever did: I was an angel.
Most embarrassing moment: Forgeting the lyrics to a song on stage once in front of hundreds of people, my 'stupid bimbo tap dance' in 'Guys & Dolls', Nancy Speckin & I singing made up lyrics to Bobby Mendoza at a pep session (to the tune of 'Don't Go Breakin' My Heart').
Memories: Joy's pool parties, Sweetwater Lake, Graduation night. As I watch my own kids grow up & graduate I realize even more how clueless we were about life, how amazingly STUPID we were and how blessed I was to have such wonderful friends (both male and female) to grow up with. Don't forget your cane's, walkers and geritol! I'll bring extra polygrip to share!
Favorite Songs: Anything by Carpenters, Eagles, Bread, Chicago.
What about next Reunion?
Would you like to help on Next Reunion: No