Class of 1978
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Sherry J. Fickes
Classmate's ID: 62
Last Updated: 5/23/2008 11:44:50 PM
Classmate's Name: Sherry J. Fickes
Sex: Female
Marriage Status: Married
Spouse: Greg Bussel
What Address to use to Contact you: Current
Kids Section
Kid's: Brandon Scott (40) ; Summer Kristen (39) ; Evan Christopher (32) ; Braydon Matthew - Grandson (15) ; Elliana "Eli" Ryan - Grandaughter - Due in August (12) ;
What have I been doing since High School?
Education: Univ of TX, IUPUI
Hobbies: Traveling , Photography, Watching HGTV
Who you Keep in Touch with: Dawn Warner Perry, Cathy Dalton Sexton
Trip down Memory lane...
Remember When: '48' sounded really old
Worst thing you ever did: Not staying in touch with many of my friends and classmates.
Most embarrassing moment: Every single minute spent in Biology class with Mr. Lyons. We didn't get off on a good note and he never let me forget it. The whack that Tammy, Shawn and I got for just being late to his class was the clincher.
Memories: All the slumber parties and 'buzzing the DQ' over and over and over......
Favorite Songs: Dan Fogelberg, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, Bread, Journey were just some of many
What about next Reunion?
Would you like to help on Next Reunion: No Response