Client Comments

"You were wonderful. I felt that you kept the wedding reception going at the right pace! And, actually, you made it all very successful! We heard many wonderful comments about you! You made the young people happy and you made my 80 year old father happy! I will highly recommend you!! Thank you so much!" - Mrs. M. Schultz

"We appreciated the overall appearance, energy and professionalism of the group. We received many wonderful comments from our guests at out reception. I do appreciate your coming early and playing at 7:00pm. I felt this contributed a great deal to the beginning of the party, and helped set the stage for a very classy and warm reception." - J. Underhill

"Special Guest was truly a group I would recommend again. I am very glad we chose you to be a part of our wedding celebration. I felt very good about the number of people participating in the dancing. As you said for an afternoon wedding, its hard. We liked your song selections and going along with Jonathan's singing was the crazy highlight that every reception needs to be a success- You will probably never forget that rendition of Love Shack. Thanks again and again Your wife Deborah is a lovely person and a true performer. - Sincerely, Mrs. L. Homer

"I enjoyed your band at Terrace Park CC where we heard you perform" - M. Gibson

" Just a note of thanks for the music at the wedding. We had many complements on the type and style of music and especially that our guests could carry on a conversation without shouting throughout the night. I especially want to thank you for your cooperation with special requests and the frog segment of the program. The frog sounds with the music was great. I hope you convey the message to the entire band. I will promote you to others." Sincerely, R. Enderle

"Thank you so much for your performance at our wedding reception. We enjoyed the entertainment immensely."- B. & W. Arnold

"We wanted to drop you a note to thank Special Guest for the outstanding music at our wedding. Everyone enjoyed themselves and there were several compliments on the music. Thanks again! Warmest Regards"- B.& K. Koch

"Many thanks to the entire group of excellent performers for a great day" - The Homers

" I wanted to thank you and the rest of the band for the A++ performance at the wedding. We were all very pleased and happy with all aspects of your performance. I would look forward to having you again at whatever opportunity arises." - J. Kreger

" Thank you for playing beautiful music at my daughter's wedding." - S. Schmidt

"Thank you and your group for making our wedding fun. I know we didn't have much time to talk but we really appreciated your efforts. Thanks"- R. & K. Soller


Special Guest 2002